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Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all the wonderful MOM's a very HAPPY MOTHER's DAY !!! Hope all the mom’s enjoyed their best day ever. One special day in the year for all women to feel like a celebrity walking on the red carpet towards the "HALL OF FAME". Did you know that the best place to start learning about management is from your mom due to her multi-tasking skills? Research says multi-tasking reduces productivity, but wait did they forget about their mom’s when they did their research? Seriously she is a power house of planning, preparing, organizing, managing & executing things around the house with an invisible planner implanted in her head that is powerful than any of our smart phones. Without that power in the house the entire family will be in dark or doomed. Did you ever imagine how things are so perfect around the house when she is there? If you haven’t send out for a day and you will see the difference. Current world invites her towards more challenges to juggle between being a mom, loving wife, chef, volunteer, career professional, coach and much much more. Did you know that organizations these days seek more women to get into their management portfolio’s due to their outstanding abilities in tolerance, keeping it simple, multi-tasking, communication, dealing with challenges, creating a thriving work environment and to analyze both sides of a problem ? If not know that there are currently about 21 female fortune 500 CEO’s who have climbed up the ladder with their outstanding skills, click on the link to read about them Now tell me doesn’t she deserve more than this one special day for all the juggling, planning, hard work, perseverance and persistence that she performs for everyone around all year around ? She doesn’t expect but next time you see your mom respect, applaud, thank, appreciate her efforts and the difference she has been making/made in your lives, which will fill her ever loving heart.

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