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Master Feng Shui Consultant


“Rising Red Phoenix” consulting service is owned and operated by Sridevi Thyagarajan, a Master Feng Shui Consultant - an onsite/offsite residential and business Feng Shui expert.


I work in partnership with my clients to facilitate personal growth and positive change in their lives. My Feng Shui tips are easy to implement, ideas that help clients create the kind of home/office environments that support their career, fame, success, relationships, health snd wealth.


My initial exploration started with the Western Feng Shui(Black Hat Sect). I have great passion towards interior decoration, gardening and being organized. My passion in combination with my successful Western Feng Shui practices in my own personal life, close family and friends triggered my interests towards Classical Feng Shui (a more powerful Feng Shui compass school form).

I completed my "Master Consultant Course" in Classical Feng Shui led by Kathyrn Weber in Las Vegas, Nevada. I continue to advance my practice, skills and knowledge in Classical Feng Shui with her as my Business Coach to help my clients bring prosperity, balance, tranquility and harmony to their surroundings.


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