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Power up your home

This month's feng shui tip is about raising your energy in your homes during a festive season or any happy occasion.

How many of you have felt recharged and rejuvenated after a party, reunion, get together etc with family or friends ? Have you ever felt the strong vibrations of the event that keeps coming back to your mind for a week or two even after the event is over? Well if you answered YES for the above questions then you are not alone, I experience it all the time. Have you ever wondered why it happens, if not its time to think about it now to invite the best things in your life. The little hidden secret behind it is the "power of positive energy / vibes / vibrations" from the event itself. Where there is positive energy flow there comes feng shui into the picture. Feng shui though not named often have been practiced to boost the positive energy in several places in several ways : - In religious occasion its enhanced in the form of group songs, chants, prayers, ceremonies, followed by voluntary food service - In non-religious occasion its enhanced through games, dance/birthday/barbecue party, potluck, seasonal holiday get together. Both occasions focus a big gathering but with the same intention in mind, to disperse the negativity and reignite the positive spirits in any space. Would you like to enhance the positive energy in your personal living space? Then do not wait, find your best occasion/holidays to invite guests to host a party be it a religious/non-religious occasion in your house. Of-course its quiet some work that requires effort and planning, but its a great opportunity to improve the positive energy within your home. The feng shui energy cycle is at its peak during summer and slowly dies down when it falls through all the seasons in a year. You do see how people spruce up their yard removing dead plants and replacing then with beautiful plants during spring/summer that's a great feng shui boost too. So bootstrap your house, plan a party or get together with friends/family every quarter or six months or a year at least. Get creative with your party planning select your theme/colors and don't forget to include outdoor decorative lights, indoor colorful decors, songs, food, dance, games, little inexpensive gift that will cheer you and your guests during the occasion. Rise, Re-sculpt, Restore & power up your house with feng shui

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