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Happy Father's Day!

To all the great dad's out there, a hearty FATHER's DAY! They say it takes two hands to make a perfect clap and the same rule apples for running a perfect family too. A strong shoulder to lean on, a moral support in times of need, a lending hand to lift heavy objects, a manager at work, a chef at the kitchen, a psychologist listening to official political issues, a handy man for a quick house fix, a caring/loving husband at home, a driver taking kids around for classes, a store man delivering groceries, a manual dish loading service, a friend in playing games with kids, an early morning hair stylist for their daughters and many other job roles a Father plays that are not listed in a day to day life. BRAVO Daddy's for all your hardwork! Don't we all owe a great deal to our hardworking breadwinner ? Yes we definitely do, atleast for our family sake. The patriach represents the breadwinner of the family and northwest is the direction in feng shui. Its the most important sector in the house. Any flame/gas stove/fire place/ or any other forn of fire source in the northwest direction within a house will bring dangerous results to the breadwinner, as to almost losing a loved one all of a sudden. Is your NW(northwest) sector free from a fire source ? If you are unable to relocate the firesource, send me an email or seek advice from a feng shui consultant immediately for their expert advice to protect your loved one. Here are other feng shui tips to enhance your northwest sector of your home or corner of your living room to strengthen your patriach luck - use an art work made of metal element

- use circular shaped objects like a crystal globe to enhance their career and networking luck

- use moving metal objects like a clock with pendulum or a 6 rod wind chime

- use earthly made materials like ceramic pottery - avoid using red or blue based color shades in this area - place travel images of people who have helped you for assistance from helpful people - if you wish to travel more you could enhance this area with maps, globe made of earthly materials like crystals - add tall lights to boost up the energy in this sector - check your front door direction & paint color to improve patriach's fortune & prosperity - use paint tones such as beige,whilte,metallic to further strengthen this area Rise, Re-sculpt & Restore your patriach luck with feng shui

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