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May 9, 2016


Wishing all the wonderful MOM's a very HAPPY MOTHER's DAY !!! Hope all the mom’s enjoyed their best day ever. One special day in the year for all women to feel like a celebrity walking on the red carpet towards the "HALL OF FAME". Did you know that the best place to start learning about management is from your mom due to her multi-tasking skills? Research says multi-tasking reduces productivity, but wait did they forget about their mom’s when they did their research? Seriously she is a power house of planning, preparing, organizing, managing & executing things around the house with an invisible planner implanted in her head that is powerful than any of our smart phones. Without that power in the house the entire family will be in dark or doomed. Did you ever imagine how things are so perfect around the house when she is there? If you haven’t send out for a day and you will see the difference. Current world invites her towards more challenges to juggle between being a mom, loving wife, chef, volunteer, career professional, coach and much much more. Did you know that organizations these days seek more women to get into their management portfolio’s due to their outstanding abilities in tolerance, keeping it simple, multi-tasking, communication, dealing with challenges, creating a thriving work environment and to analyze both sides of a problem ? If not know that there are currently about 21 female fortune 500 CEO’s who have climbed up the ladder with their outstanding skills, click on the link to read about them  http://fortune.com/2013/05/09/women-ceos-in-the-fortune-500/. Now tell me doesn’t she deserve more than this one special day for all the juggling, planning, hard work, perseverance and persistence that she performs for everyone around all year around ? She doesn’t expect but next time you see your mom respect, applaud, thank, appreciate her efforts and the difference she has been making/made in your lives, which will fill her ever loving heart.


September 11, 2015



Every year the Labor Day long weekend reminds me about a ring & cry through painful memories over a sudden loss of our family friend. He was a wonderful husband, dad, brother, son, inspiring role model to all his friends & colleagues. There were no alarming signals, alerts, warnings or hints as this incident all happened so quick & fast during a tedious trekking trip. An unacceptable happening that had no words of justification to console a heart broken wife, mother, brothers & close knit friends. The best of his memories, ever inspiring smile, encouraging words of wisdom & optimistic attitude are still shining strong on his family & friends helping them cope with his loss and are always making sure they move ahead in their life with a positive outlook.

I have heard/read more about many such heart breaking instances after this incident. Dear family & friends today being Sep 11th, calls for additional emphasis to take a closer look at your house for the following alignment:

Classical feng shui outlines that
·         any house that has a kitchen, fireplace or water heater located in the northwest are considered severe problems and cause loss for the man, such as loss of job, loss of money, bankruptcy or loss of life such as from cancer or heart attack
·         any bed that is lined up directly opposite the door can create a serious loss
·         any master bedrooms where the foot of the bed points toward a tub, toilet or sink in the bathroom have a legacy of cancer and death
Check your northwest sector in the house, your bed alignment and please take precautionary measures immediately with any feng shui consultant.
I was three days away from looking into their floor plan to get a glimpse for any feng shui house flaws. Wish I had learned classical feng shui earlier and had a magic wand to go back on time 4 years back to make the remedy that would have made a world of difference in my best friends life. But all I do now is to pray every night for booster shot to give her brave heart and positive thoughts as and when she needs a refill. A special word of thanks to my friend for allowing me to publish this article with a reference & helping me convey this month’s feng shui message.
Rise, Resculpt & Restore your bed alignment/northwest sector with feng shui
Sridevi Thyagarajan




August 18, 2015

This month's feng shui tip is about raising your energy in your homes during a festive season or any happy occasion.


How many of you have felt recharged and rejuvenated after a party, reunion, get together etc with family or friends ? 

Have you ever felt the strong vibrations of the event that keeps coming back to your mind for a week or two even after the event is over?

Well if you answered YES for the above questions then you are not alone, I experience it all the time.

Have you ever  wondered why it happens, if not its time to think about it now to invite the best things in your life.  The little hidden secret behind it is the "power of positive energy / vibes / vibrations" from the event itself.

Where there is positive energy flow there comes feng shui into the picture. Feng shui though not named often have been practiced to boost the positive energy in several places in several ways :
- In religious occasion its enhanced in the form of group songs, chants, prayers, ceremonies, followed by voluntary food service
- In non-religious occasion its enhanced through games, dance/birthday/barbecue party, potluck, seasonal holiday get together.

Both occasions focus a big gathering but with the same intention in mind, to disperse the negativity and reignite the positive spirits in any space.

Would you like to enhance the positive energy in your personal living space? Then do not wait, find your best occasion/holidays to invite guests to host a party be it a religious/non-religious occasion in your house. Of-course its quiet some work that requires effort and planning, but its a great opportunity to improve the positive energy within your home. The feng shui energy cycle is at its peak during summer and slowly dies down when it falls through all the seasons in a year. You do see how people spruce up their yard removing dead plants and replacing then with beautiful plants during spring/summer that's a great feng shui boost too. So bootstrap your house, plan a party or get together with friends/family every quarter or six months or a year at least.

Get creative with your party planning select your theme/colors and don't forget to include outdoor decorative lights, indoor colorful decors, songs, food, dance, games, little inexpensive gift that will cheer you and your guests during the occasion.                            

Rise, Re-sculpt, Restore & power up your house with feng shui






June 21, 2015


To all the great dad's out there, a hearty FATHER's DAY!

They say it takes two hands to make a perfect clap and the same rule apples for running a perfect family too. A strong shoulder to lean on, a moral support in times of need, a lending hand to lift heavy objects, a manager at work, a chef at the kitchen, a psychologist listening to official political issues, a handy man for a quick house fix, a caring/loving husband at home, a driver taking kids around for classes, a store man delivering groceries, a manual dish loading service, a friend in playing games with kids, an early morning hair stylist for their daughters and many other job roles a Father plays that are not listed in a day to day life. BRAVO Daddy's for all your hardwork!

Don't we all owe a great deal to our hardworking breadwinner ? Yes we definitely do, atleast for our family sake. The patriach represents the breadwinner of the family and northwest is the direction in feng shui. Its the most important sector in the house. Any flame/gas stove/fire place/ or any other forn of fire source in the northwest direction within a house will bring dangerous results to the breadwinner, as to almost losing a loved one all of a sudden. Is your NW(northwest) sector free from a fire source ? If you are unable to relocate the firesource, send me an email or seek advice from a feng shui consultant immediately for their expert advice to protect your loved one.

Here are other feng shui tips to enhance your northwest sector of your home or corner of your living room to strengthen your patriach luck

- use an art work made of metal element

- use circular shaped objects like a crystal globe to enhance their career and networking luck

- use moving metal objects like a clock with pendulum or a 6 rod wind chime

- use earthly made materials like ceramic pottery
- avoid using red or blue based color shades in this area
- place travel images of people who have helped you for assistance from helpful people
- if you wish to travel more you could enhance this area with maps, globe made of earthly materials like crystals
- add tall lights to boost up the energy in this sector
- check your front door direction & paint color to improve patriach's fortune & prosperity
- use paint tones such as beige,whilte,metallic to further strengthen this area

Rise, Re-sculpt & Restore your patriach luck with feng shui




In Feng Shui, the meaning of “drains” is exactly what it sounds and it refers to the draining of your Wealth, Health, Relationships or Career. Below is one such experience related to health drain. As I was returning back home from Florida tired but rejuvenated from my Feng Shui Business Reunion, can you guess the seat I got in the plane with 3 others..... it was the last seat in the plane with a toilet right behind it. Did you guess it right? Knowing the consequences I requested the flight attendant to switch me to another seat, but the flight was fully booked and there was no other alternate. It was a horrible experience that I have ever undergone, with the noisy toilet being flushed and the sink water being drained for over two hours without a break. As the plane landed in Virginia, believe me you would have never seen my face lit up so bright in my life. Before I stepped out of the plane I did not forget to thank the flight attendant. Are you wondering why? Well it’s because she saved me hearing the flushing & water draining sounds few minutes, since she sent back at least 20 people not to use the rest room and to head back to their seats. When I came back home all trouble started one after another with a severe head, neck, back ache followed by feverish chills. Felt so exhausted that I could hardly move and it took 2 full days to recover from this. Imagine a two hour journey takes two days to recover, how much energy you might be unknowingly draining in your life if this practical Feng Shui remained unfold.


Here are few things to check if you feel drained and exhausted when you wake in the morning

  • Do not sit or sleep with a drain behind you

  • Do not have a bed facing a bathroom drain

  • Do not have a bathroom in a room without a door; install either a screen, curtain or even better a door

If you have a Bathroom in the east (health) corner of your home, then enhance east corner of your living room with

  • Healthy floral arrangement or art depicting vibrant flowers

  • Photos of family, friends or representing perfect health

  • Items in wood and the colors of blues, greens, or black

If you like this tip you may also like to sign up for my free "52 weeks to wealth" at www.risingredphoenix.com, do not delay it starts soon.


Rise, Resculpt & Restore your life with Feng Shui



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