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Career, Business & Recognition Secrets


Easy Ways to Activate your Career, Business & Recognition Luck with Feng Shui.

Would you like to enjoy the career, business and recognition luck that many role models use and follow to be successful in life? Feng shui can help propel you or your loved one along faster and easier. Feng shui is a method for creating successful and harmonious environments, can help you arrange your office or business space to make you more productive, alert, focused, inspired, creative, friendly, noticed and most of all popular at office.


That’s because simple changes to your office can impact your productivity and influence you positively or negatively.  Studies have proven that our office environment can have a direct impact on our success, happiness and well-being. 


In this informative presentation you’ll learn:

  • The compass directions to activate for career, business or recognition luck

  • Easy ways to identify your power position, desk shape/chair & placement

  • Get to know your prosperity signature & personal feng shui elements and colors

  • How to avoid the traps of gossip and office politicking

  • Easy enhancements to gain more recognition, promotion & fame

  • Simple feng shui symbols to enhance your prosperity & deflect negativity


Not sure if this session is for you? Answer the questionaire below to help you make that valuable decision to march towards your properous Career & Business life.



  • Do you ever feel you're being passed over at work for better opportunities?

  • Are you ready to move ahead in your career and seeking better opportunities?

  • Are you tired with your current job and looking for a prosperous career change?

  • Are you a victim of carrying all the workload and not being recognized?

  • Do you like to socialize, network and be guided in the right direction?

  • Are you being nagged, pin pointed by your boss and don't know how to resolve it?

  • Do you have issues with your team mates and looking for help to get along well?

  • Do you like your job but want to know how to tackle your boss and teammates?

  • Do you want your ideas to be acknowledged and praised by your boss & peers?

  • Have you been fired, laid off or fear current job may be at risk?

  • Do you wish to secure your home/office environment?

  • Have you been in & out of jobs and want to settle in a stable job?



  • Do you own a business, ready to grow and expand your wings and its horizons?

  • Is your business reaping its profits or stooping down to file bankruptcy?

  • Is your business attracting more customers or pushing them away?

  • Does your business name & logo show a prosperity sign towards progress?

  • Is your business located in the right location towards prosperity?

  • Are you a business person trying to look for supportive business partners?

  • Would you like to grow your networking contacts and widen your business opportunities?



  • Are you ready to climb the red carpet to the "HALL OF FAME"

  • Want to be recognized, popular and appreciated in each step of your career?

  • Have you been long waiting for that big promotion to come through?

  • Have you ever felt that you are not being recognized at work?

Presented by Sridevi Thyagarajan, Master Feng Shui Consultant:

Sridevi is an IT professional who has learnt to reap Career, Business & Recognition benefits from feng shui for the past 8 years and enjoys helping others achieve the success, happiness and fame that they have always dreamt in their career. Stop by after the presentation to speak with her about any questions you may have and inquiry about the free feng shui consultation for your career.


“We are products of our environment, so make the environment the best it can be!”


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Please feel free to extend the invite to other family & friends who may be interested in this session.


Mandatory RSVP is required for this by email to No last minute walk in. Please provide the following information in your response:

- Number of attendees

- Attendees: First & Last Name and Email 


Note: This session is only for adults.


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