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How does Feng Shui work?

The Five Elements (those qualities that make up everything in the world — Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) must all be present and in balance in a Feng Shui home/office/garden. The universe is made up of these elements working together, and you want to reflect that in your environment.

What feng shui element cycle create a harmonious space?

The 5 elements working together in a constructive cycle creates a harmonious space : Fire => Earth => Metal => Water => Wood => Fire . You have to be careful that you put the right elements together because the elements can sometimes cancel each other out.

What are the 3 things that people often want from Feng Shui?

The most 3 common things that people want are Money, Love and Health and Feng Shui helps fulfill that goal.

What is BAGUA?

Bagua is a Chinese martial art where movements are focused on a circle and the defense of 8 points around it. It is regarded in feng shui as a pattern determining the significance and auspicious qualities of spatial relationships.

What is KUA in Feng Shui?

Different people have different energy needs,  the energy of most people are divided in two Feng Shui groups: East and West group. KUA formula helps calculate your KUA number. KUA numbers determine whether you are a West or a East group person. Your KUA number reveals your secret lucky Feng Shui directions to face while working, eating, sleeping etc.

What are 8 mansions in Feng Shui ?

The Eight Mansions is a formula which is based on the KUA formula. This would help calculate and determine where your auspicious and inauspicious sectors of your home are located. It will show how to strengthen each beneficial sector of your home and where the negative sectors are located and how to take care of the inauspicious energy there.

What is Luo Pan?

It is like a conventional compass, that is a direction finder. A conventional compass has markings with four or eight directions, but a Luopan typically contains markings for 24 directions.Feng Shui Consultants or Masters use them for the Feng Shui formulas that are embedded in up to 40 concentric rings on the surface.

What are Annual Assessments in Feng Shui and why do they have to be performed every year?

Annual Assessments are called Flying Stars in Feng Shui. Flying Stars deal with the analysis of stars and their influence on buildings. Good stars invite luck, wealth and fame, and the Bad stars invite misfortunes, ill health and bad luck. Flying Star changes position on an annual basis, turning auspicious positions into inauspicious positions and vice versa. Therefore analysis of the Feng Shui Flying Stars need to be done every year to enhance the effect of good stars and also control the damage caused by bad stars.

When should you seek a Feng Shui residential consultation?

  • When you are unable to sell your listed home

  • When you are planning to buy a new home

  • When you are getting married

  • When you are seeking a new long lasting relationship

  • When you are having a baby

  • When you are having difficulties with conception

  • When your life is full of disappointments and you are not able to move ahead

  • When you experienced a sudden change in life, such as a job loss, illness, death

  • If you are planning to build a new home or renovate your existing one

  • If you are considering a landscape renovation ie. adding a fountain/lighting to your home

When should you seek a Feng Shui business/office/commercial consultation?

  • When you are not being recognized for your official hardwork and efforts

  • When you are missing out on good job opportunities or influential contacts

  • When you want to improve your business - struggling to meet their financial goals, aspiring to climb higher, increase sales

  • When you want to improve your employee productivity and customer relationships

  • When you are moving to a new office location or renovating your existing office

  • When you want to create a positive environment

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