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Leap Ahead in the Year of the RAT

One of a kind DIY (Do It Yourself) feng shui workshop

9 Annual feng shui protection/enhancement secrets

for a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Living in 2020

Are you facing more legal battles this year, constant trouble from your management making you feel more insecure at your job, encountering accidents, endless health issues/sickness within your family, do you feel stuck unable to move forward, are your kids experience bullying or argument more at school or is your business profit going downhill or on the edge for filing for bankruptcy unable to attract clients & revenue ? Well, you will be glad to hear that you are not to blame or alone fighting this battle like a brave warrior. It’s the unleashed 2020 energy vibes & effect from the year of RAT. Would you like a break through to help you get over these worrisome obstacles or sway a magic wand to transform your personal/career/business life rest of the year with better health, wealth & prosperity ? Join our annual “2020 Year of the RAT” feng shui workshop that would help you understand and take your next action step to stop worrying, start living the life you dreamed and wished for in 2020.

Every year in February, there’s a shift in the positive and negative energy levels in your home, office, and any space you reside or work. Balancing these positive and negative energy shifts annually using feng shui will help you be prepared for the year ahead to hold down problems and to boost opportunity, health and happiness.

In this informative presentation you’ll learn:

  • Which residential/commercial spaces have the BEST/WORST luck in 2020 and how to handle both

  • How to locate/energize your health, wealth and prosperity luck sectors this year  

  • Lucky 2020 wallet/purse colors that attract wealth and increase your financial opportunity

  • Which household members will be able to activate and enjoy a flourishing life this year

  • Which household members need protection from legal problems, injury, theft and illness this year

  • How to stop your children from falling sick often this year, protect them from being bullied and activate the scholastic luck for a successful year in academics   

  • How to stay protected from job layoffs, control your office politicking, gossiping, backstabbing to help take the next step forward towards your career promotion

  • How to increase your business client network, growth & sales

  • How to enjoy victory/winning luck in all your endeavors

  • How to make your wishes and dreams come true this year

  • Ways to tap into your love-life relationship luck whether you are single/married

  • How to spot and activate your wealth & prosperity luck in your environment

  • How to use easy symbolic feng shui enhancers that promote success, prosperity & deflect negativity


In this session the attendees will

  • receive course handouts

  • receive their lucky directions & learn how to use them

  • receive their chinese zodiac sign & forecast this year

  • be auto enrolled for a top three 2020 feng shui lucky draw & other surprise gifts

  • learn how to make their own fountain to activate their wealth spot


Click here for session & pricing details

This is once a year golden opportunity that would help transform you & your family’s well-being and prosperity in 2020.


Next Session:

Date: Sunday February 29, 2020

Location: Reston, Virginia

Address: 11700 Plaza America Drive, Suite 150; Reston; VA 20191


Session1: 10-12noon

Session2: 1-3pm

Session3: 4-6pm


Sridevi@571-982-6733 or

Sabina@703-687-6968 or

Sridevi Thyagarajan: Master Feng Shui Consultant

Sridevi is an IT professional and certified master consultant practicing feng shui for the past 12 years. She follows feng shui to help her and her husband in their careers/business, their children’s academic success, and for creating family harmony and happiness. She helps her clients overcome difficulties, excel in their careers/businesses and finances to be successful in their personal and professional lives. She loves her new client venture & recent booming success in trying to help flip residential/business/commercial space within a day using feng shui techniques to protect and enhance their personal/business/professional lives. Her unique expertise with symbolic feng shui has helped her stand out from other feng shui consultants. Her clients value her experience and thorough knowledge in feng shui that helps overcome their problems with quick turn around results. She enjoys public speaking on feng shui related topics in personal/office/business premises and offers free feng shui symbolic gifts or consultations to clients who invite her for such occasions. Stop by to talk to her after the session about her new one day feng shui residential/commercial flip success

Sabina Gudauskas: Master Feng Shui Consultant and REALTOR®

Sabina is a certified master feng shui consultant, full time REALTOR® and Real estate investor who enjoys implementing feng shui principles in her own home, life, and her business. She uses feng shui when helping her real estate clients and colleagues buy/sell properties as well as improve their home or office space to create the type of environment that supports, enhances their best abilities, brings opportunity, love, good health, wealth and fulfilling relationships and overcome any obstacles they have.

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