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Session 2

This is an intro for Session 2 page on Rising Red Phoenix. EZ Feng Shui assessment will consist of a basic analysis of your home and is a great way to get started with the basics of Feng Shui. You will not need to provide a floor plan for a basic assessment. However, a floor plan is advised for better results.

Gardening Assessment

The main goal in Feng Shui gardening is to raise the level of “chi” in the garden and make sure that it moves smoothly and freely throughout the space. In other words, you have to get rid of barriers to “chi” and you need to use Feng Shui fixes (called cures) to raise the “chi” in areas where it may get trapped and stagnate. You can also use cures to solve the problems that arise when “chi” moves too quickly through your garden. “Chi” moving too quickly doesn't do you (or your garden) any good, and can actually help create an unpleasant environment that's agitated instead of relaxed.

* Check pricing note below for additional charges

Remote/In-Person Consultation  : $500/hr

Career, Fame & Recognition

Residential Office Room/Commercial Office Cubicle - Evaluation covers: 

-   Precision compass directions with luo pan

-   Office room direction analysis

-   Personal feng shui analysis for bed position, desk position, wallet color, clothing power colors, car color 

-   Personal chinese zodiac affliction evaluation 

-   Symbolic feng shui usage & placement for promotion, recognition, job stability, protection against backstabbing/politicking/gossiping

* Check pricing note below for additional charges

Remote/In-Person Consultation  : $500/hr

Business, Fame & Recognition

Entire business premise evaluation covers the following for the company
-   Facing directions with luo pan
-   Exterior & location analysis
-   Floor plan & utility placement analysis
-   Sign board, Logo & Website analysis & suggestions
-   CEO office room & Employees arrangement analysis

-   Wealth sector analysis 
-   Symbolic feng shui placement advice for a booming business outcome & to become a leader in your own industry

* Check pricing note below for additional charges

Remote/In-Person Consultation  : $500/hr

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Note on Pricing:
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  • Additional fees may apply based on the square feet evaluation beyond 2500 sq.feet, multiple levels, more than 4 people


  • Check for additional pricing if you require an add-on detailed written report.  A post Feng Shui consultation report will be mailed to you within 7 days of your report request. The report will contain a detailed analysis of all aspects of the interior and exterior of your home and will focus on your main goals and concerns.



You will need to send a minimum of 6-8 photos of your home. Please see Consultation Request Form.


  • How do you get started with a Feng Shui consultation ?

    • Gather all information requested by Sridevi

    • Pay for your consultation. Appointments will not be scheduled unless a payment has been submitted

    • Notify your payment and your contact by email id or phone number(s) to Sridevi

    • Once payment is received, you will receive an call/email with available time slot for consultation. Select the time and then you will be on your way to be Feng Shui compliant.


  • Refer 3 friends and earn your free Feng Shui Consultation. Additional discounts apply for family/friends.

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